International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research

ISSN: 2456-0421

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A quasi-experimental study to assess the effectiveness of self instructional module on knowledge regarding prevention of needle stick injury among B.Sc. Nursing 2nd year students at P.G College of Nursing, Gwalior, M.P.
Pages: 01-04  
Effectiveness of video assissted teaching on knowledge regarding breastfeeding techniques among Primipara mothers in selected hospitals at Indore
Pages: 05-06  
Environmental assessment of fungal spoilage of common fruits: Impact on rural economic development at tahsil - Naigarhi, disst. – Rewa (M.P.)
Pages: 07-10  
A pre-experimental study to assess the effect of nurse led educational package on knowledge regarding telemedicine among ANM’s at a selected community health Centre, M.P
Pages: 11-12  
A study to assess the effectiveness of muscle stretching exercises on pain and discomfort during primary dysmenorrhoea among nursing students in a selected college of nursing at Kannur
Pages: 13-18  
Remediating stuttering behaviour as a panacea to lifelong learning for children with defective speech
Pages: 19-22  
Effectiveness of Information booklet on knowledge regarding ill effects of open defecation among people living in a selected slum area of Indore
Pages: 23-31  
A study to assess the knowledge, practice and attitude of postnatal mother regarding postnatal exercise in government headquarters hospital, Kumbakonam
Pages: 32-35  
Awareness on pulmonary tuberculosis among adult population in selected area of Rajshahi city, Bangladesh
Pages: 36-41  
Studies on length-weight relationship of exotic fishes and their Gastrosomatic index from ranitalab, Rewa (M.P.)
Pages: 42-46  
A pre experimental study to assess the effect of educational package on knowledge regarding preventive measures of mentally challengedchild birthamong eligible couples in selected community area of Bhopal. M.P
Pages: 47-48  
Assess the knowledge regarding organ donation among people seeking health care
Pages: 49-51  
Assess the knowledge regarding spillage management among staff nurses
Pages: 52-54  
Knowledge assessment regarding Narcotic Drugs among ICU Nurses
Pages: 55-58  
A descriptive study to assess the knowledge regarding cold chain maintenance among B.Sc. Nursing students in Bombay Hospital College of Nursing, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Pages: 59-61  
Assessment of value orientation affected by movies among adolescents of selected higher secondary school
Pages: 62-64  
Fine motor skills assessment of mentally challenged children in special school of Indore city
Pages: 65-66  
Study to assess the occupational aspiration of higher secondary girls
Pages: 67-69  
Towards a cost effective method for estimating disease infection rates in plants
Pages: 70-80  
Integrating management against fungi causing infection on different parts of tomato plant
Pages: 81-82  
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