International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research

ISSN: 2456-0421

Vol. 4, Issue 1 (2019)

E-Government for emergency management: use of multimedia big data platform for flood emergency management in Sri Lanka

Author(s): PVDIS Saparamadu
Abstract: Loss of innocent life and damages of valuable properties are the great tragedy during disaster. Hence, the effective disaster management is one of prime concern for authority and policy makers. Computer generated data, satellite and sensor networks data, at present crowed sourcing and social media bring the more prospect to improve disaster management. There for no doubt that, the modern age of “big data” opened new avenues for natural disaster management, because big data has possibilities to provides data in visualizing, analyzing, and predicting natural disasters. Flood emergency management is very complex in nature due to complexity of cooperation, collaboration and information sharing among stakeholders. Information technology (IT) play significant role in harmonizing data among interest groups. With the advancement of new technology big data play significant role with collaboration e-government, in emergency management field. Past few decades it was observed lots of emergency management issues in Sri Lanka due to lack of collaboration and cooperation in sharing of disaster information. So, this paper will discuss possible e-government framework for flood emergency management using available and real-time big data to manage future flood in Sri Lanka.
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