International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research

ISSN: 2456-0421

Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2018)

to study the effect of conventional treatment regimen in management of osteoarthritis

Author(s): Dr. Mitushi Deshmukh
Abstract: Aims & Objectives: To study effects of conventional physical therapy in patients having knee osteoarthritis Sample size: 40 patients (20 in each group), Study Design: Interventional Study, Study setting: A 1950 bedded tertiary care teaching hospital with well-equipped medical and surgical intensive care unit and musculoskeletal department, Sample and Sampling method: 40 patients were randomly selected and assigned in 2 groups, as Group 1(control group), Group 2 (Interventional group) in equal numbers Exclusion Criteria: The total subjects of 40 were included in the study the inclusion & exclusion criteria were Inclusion Criteria: Patient diagnosed as a case of osteoarthritis, Subjects with both grade 2 and grade 3 OA knee & Exclusion Criteria: Any inflammatory or other unilateral band bilateral Knee osteoarthritis, Patients in age group of 35-70 years, Patient with loco motor diseases, Any significant peripheral and CNS disease, Any other joint involvement, Uncontrolled hypertension and cardiac problem, Any previous knee injury, Patient less than 45 yrs and more than 65 yrs. Result: Here, in the above table shows the NPRS for pre & post of OA knee joint patient is7.400 (mean) and 5.90 (mean) respectively. (W value-210.0 p value-o.ooo1). Here, in the above table shows the WOMAC of pre & post of OA knee joint patient is 43.40 (mean) and 34.60 (mean) respectively. (W value-191.0 p value- 0.0004) Conclusion: Conventional exercise is effective in management of osteoarthritis knee.
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