International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research

ISSN: 2456-0421

Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2018)

Study on the causes affected the manifestation of sub culture within the socio-economic milieu of street venders (Special reference to Katharagama Sacred zone in Sri Lanka)

Author(s): Samarakoon MT
Abstract: Trends of urbanization in a country as it is directly proportional to varied nature of socio-economic tumults, too. Vending in towns or in sacred areas is a common feature and the majority of these venders involved in businesses in illegally acquired land creating unregulated market environment in contrary to Government regulations. In this respect street venders foster their own subculture for survival. While, Sri Lankan sub culture can be acquainted as one other Eastern Sub culture within the Asian mega culture. It is noticeable that an inheritable socio-economic environment is built by venders based on devotees migrating to sacred sites entailed with religious background. Under this circumstance, different subcultures have been formulated and it was identifiable that through these measures they could secure their long term security and existence. Correspondingly, these subcultural groups entering into clashes with main culture creating various other calamities too. In line with this research Katharagama sacred site was selected also in focus of 78 street venders identified on random basis with preparations to apply questionnaires and interviews also with observations. Among the data collected; the demography, residential status, characteristics of migration, structure and the hereditary nature of employment, family structures, and scales of income derivability were attended among the 78 street venders. Additionally, studies were pursued on their inheritable trade culture within the sub culture, usage of language, daily behavioral pattern, nature of dealing with clients in order to identify varied tendencies, landscapes and the inter-relationships.
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