International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research

ISSN: 2456-0421

Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2018)

Water quality assessment of some selected hand dug wells in parts of southern Bauchi metropolis

Author(s): Gin NS, Daniel S, Buteh DS, Sarkin Noma A, Mshelia EW
Abstract: Ten water samples were collected and analyzed for physicochemical and microbial parameters. These parameters include temperature 27.22oC (27-27.6oC) Turbidity 15.9 (2-70) NTU, Conductivity 447.4 (138-1038) ┬Ás/cm, T.D.S. 223.6 (69-519) mg/L, Ca2+ 44.76 (2.6-80) mg/L, Mg2+ 6.011 (0.02-22.5) mg/L, Cu2+ 0.143 (0-0.36) mg/L, F- 0.415 (0.06-0.78) mg/L, NO32-58.826 (9.02-221) mg/L, Cl- 87.25 (25-190) mg/L and Cr3+ 0.0124 (0-0.0031) mg/L. Total coliform 84.3 (36-176) cfu/100ml and faecal coliform 37 (0-100) cfu/100ml. The result revealed high variation between WHO, SON, NIS and NSDWQ Standards for potable water and the obtained values. The implication is that the water from most of the study area is not suitable for direct human consumption. The closeness of the source of water to dumpsites was blamed for increased levels of the parameters obtained.
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