International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research

ISSN: 2456-0421

Vol. 1, Issue 3 (2016)

Livelihood status and socio-economic condition of fisher of the adjoining area of muduki bajar, a market near to Chandubi Beel and Batha river of Kamrup district of Assam

Author(s): Rupshikha Bharali, Parag Deka
Abstract: The study relates to the socio–economic condition of the fisher community of adjoining area of Muduki Bajar, which is situated near a well-known tectonic wetland, Chandubi and the river Batha, which is originated from Meghalaya and joins to Kulsi River at Kukurmara. The result reveals a very miserable condition. Fishing is found to be the prime business of the studied area where the literacy among the respondents is very poor of which a majority of them are illiterate. Most of the fisher is in late middle age with daily income ranging from Rs.500 to Rs. 1500. The prime cause for poor condition observed to the most of the fisher may be due to lack of social infrastructure, non-development of education, high family size, scarcity of alternate employment opportunities, non-availability of own fishing net etc. It is important to note that the most of fishers have to depend on the river Batha and Kulsi because fishing is actually banned in Chandubi Beel as this wetland is under the forest department and interestingly 12% fisher has shifted to agriculture as prime business which is also not economical and act as one of the important factors for their poor socio-economic condition. However, their financial condition is inclined by the ecotourism development in Chandubi beel, but still it cannot fulfil their minimum requirements.
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